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Porcelain Garlic

Porcelain garlic is a kind of huge, alluring hardneck garlic. The stout cloves, normally four to seven to a bulb, are not difficult to strip, heavenly to eat, and store longer than most kinds of garlic. How about we figure out how to develop porcelain garlic. Developing porcelain garlic is fundamentally equivalent to developing any […]

Purple Stripe Garlic

Purple Stripe garlic is an appealing kind of hardneck garlic with distinctive, purple stripes or blotches on the coverings and skins. Contingent upon the temperature, the shade of purple might be clear or pale. Most Purple Stripe assortments produce 8 to 12 sickle formed cloves for each bulb. Purple Stripe garlic is appropriate for filling […]

Rocambole Garlic

Rocambole garlics will generally have more slender bulb coverings than other hardnecks and heaps of purple striping and splotches. They are not so white as other hardnecks and have an earthy cast to them, as a matter of fact, some of them nearly look like they need a shower. What they need magnificence, they compensate […]

Turban Garlic

The Turban Group of garlics has quick become one of the most famous business and local gatherings in view of the scope of climatic resiliences and their sweet, complex flavors. Turban Garlic are a pitifully shooting garlic, and that implies they produce a scape as a pressure response in colder environments, however won’t create any […]

Artichoke Garlic

Arichoke garlic is named for how the cloves are organized inside the bulb, which seems to be the layered design of an artichoke. They need to cloves of different sizes. The plants will generally be on the more limited side with wide flat leaves and no scape, which makes them less work than hardneck garlics. […]

Creole Garlic

Creole garlic assortments begin in Euzkadi (the Basque Country) and encompassing Spanish and French locales on the two sides of the Pyrenees Mountains. They store for as long as a year and conceal their staggering gem hued cloves behind a delightful white bulb skin. They promptly adjust to hotter environments and can be fussy producers […]

Silverskin Garlic

Silverskin garlic are layered like Artichokes and are likewise versatile to a scope of developing circumstances however may bolt when focused by chilly climate. They have 14-24 ruddy cloves on elliptical formed bulbs with white coverings. Silverskin garlic mature late and are the most useful weight planted to weight yielded. Silverskins have a straight across […]

About Us At Mad River Garlic Growers

I have lived in Southwest Ohio my entire life. I grew up in what today is suburbia but back then the farmer lived across the street and others close by. It was common to have large gardens that your family lived off of and country style lives. We always had a large garden and there was always garden work but that was just the way of life. Those are happy memories. I would often sit and snap beans as a little girl or help pull weeds. Our chores became more involved as we grew up. We ate well and we ate healthy.

Weeding for a Living

Today is a big day for us here at the farm. Ok, No it’s not. We had planned to weed all day but it started raining last evening here in Yellow Springs so I’m finishing updating our website and listing some of our variety packages. Boring. I know, right?
We actually needed the rain but we also needed to be weeding. Ah, such is farming. Unpredictable, Out of control, but a place that I hold true passion. We strive to do everything possible to provide the garlic with everything to make it strong and beautiful and a product our customers will be glad they purchased and planted.

We Are Almost There

Harvest time is soon approaching and we are busy with chores for preparation for this event. It has been unusually hot this past week, well into the 90 degree mark, and we try to work early and late in the day and avoid the sun beating down on us. It seems like we’ve been cutting scapes for months but in actuality it has only been 2 weeks and I believe we’ve finally finished for the 2016 season. We were able to share our scapes with several local restaurants and I love seeing their menus and what creations they come up with.