Purple Stripe Garlic

Purple Stripe garlic is an appealing kind of hardneck garlic with distinctive, purple stripes or blotches on the coverings and skins. Contingent upon the temperature, the shade of purple might be clear or pale. Most Purple Stripe assortments produce 8 to 12 sickle formed cloves for each bulb. Purple Stripe garlic is appropriate for filling in virtually every environment, incorporating those with freezing winters. Be that as it may, it might battle in blistering, muggy environments.

Generally noted for their modest number of huge cloves with simple to strip skins. They store for up to 6-7 months and are entirely adaptable in view of their mellowed rich flavors and can be utilized in any culinary style. Cherished by the individuals who pine for rich, garlicky flavors without the intensity or sulfur tones.

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