Prepare to Plant:


As we embrace the upcoming garlic planting season, the Mad River Garlic Growers team is here to equip you with the knowledge and enthusiasm you need to cultivate a spectacular garlic harvest. We understand your eagerness to get your hands in the soil, but remember: now is not the time to plant. We’re excited to share our insights on the perfect timing, ground preparation, and vernalization to ensure your garlic success.

Timing is Key: Hold off on Planting

While it’s tempting to dive into planting, take a moment to consider the importance of timing. At Mad River Garlic Growers, we’ve got you covered. We ship our garlic bulbs based on the optimal planting time for your specific region. Remember, October 15th is not a universal planting date! Planting too early can lead to premature top growth, weakening the garlic cloves. Patience truly is a virtue when it comes to garlic planting.

Ground Prep: Laying the Foundation for Excellence

Preparing the ground is like creating a canvas for your garlic artistry. Follow these ground preparation steps for garlic-growing triumph:
  • Clear the Way: Clear your planting area of weeds, debris, and any obstacles that might hinder your garlic’s growth.
  • Nourish the Soil: Enhance your soil’s fertility by incorporating compost or well-rotted organic matter. Healthy soil leads to hearty garlic!
  • Break It Up: Loosen compacted soil to facilitate proper drainage and provide ample space for garlic roots to explore.

To Vernalize or Not to Vernalize?

Vernalization is the forced cold spell to mimic Winter. Most hardneck garlics need a cold spell  to bulb or bulb well. 30-60 days in the fridge at around 40 degrees but not freezing then placed in the ground will trick the garlic to think it’s had a winter and will develop a bub in those warmer climates that generally only grow softneck garlics well.

Planting Timeline: Tailored to Your Locale

Timing your garlic planting just right is a dance with nature. Here’s a region-specific guide to keep in mind, allowing 2-4 weeks before the hard ground freeze:

Remember, Mother Nature can be delightfully unpredictable, so always keep an eye on your local weather for the most accurate planting timing. As the garlic-growing season approaches, arm yourself with these insights for an exceptional harvest. Stay tuned for more garlic-growing gems in our upcoming newsletters. Until then, may your garlic dreams take root and flourish!
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